2400 Rockefeller Neighborhood Watch


Welcome to the official website for the neighborhood watch at 2400 Rockefeller Lane in Redondo Beach!

This neighborhood watch was started in 2014 by block leader Eddie Dombrowski to bring together the residents of 2400 Rockefeller Lane as well as to keep an eye out for crime in the area.

Get ready for the 2nd annual 2400 Rockefeller 4th of July block party!!!  See details below...

Date:  Saturday, July 4th 2015

Time:  11:00am - 6:00pm


Cars need to be removed off the street by 11AM on July 4th and block will re-open at 6PM. If your address ends in an even number then please bring a dessert, if it is an odd number, please bring a side dish. Tables will be located in the middle of the block for sides/desserts.

We will have two bounce houses, a face painter and one band present. Please invite your family and friends. We are asking $20/ household as a donation to cover the entertainment costs. Please come to the community table at the block captainís house 2402 to pick up your name tag and drop your donation off.

For more information on the neighborhood watch and/or the block party visit us here:

Facebook:  facebook.com/2400rockefeller   Email:  2400rockefeller@gmail.com

From the Redondo Beach Police Department:

What is a neighborhood watch?
It is a partnership between the members of the community and the Redondo Beach Police Department. Over the years, the Neighborhood Watch program has grown from an "extra eyes and ears" approach to crime prevention to a much more proactive, community-oriented endeavor directed toward improvements in the quality of life in the local neighborhoods. It is based on the assumption that people can come together and increase their own safety and the safety of the neighborhood, as they also increase their quality of life.

It involves...
Community-building: Neighbors get to know each other and work together in a programs of mutual assistance.

Training: Citizens are trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhood to help prevent crime and to contribute to homeland security.

Education: Printed materials, workshops and meetings with experts are arranged to provide continuing learning opportunities.

Communication: Block Captions receive information from the Police Department, which they share with their neighbors. They also learn when and how to contact the Police Department to report suspicious activity, and emergency in progress or to seek other help.

Implementation: Assistance is provided with specific tools such as Operation Identification engravers, Neighborhood Watch signs, and Block Party kits.